Ironically, February has been all about the butts. I know, it's not something we like to think a lot about. Butt it's been a theme this month.

First, we have expanded with quite a few new partnerships and stores already in 2020. Second, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. What do butts have to do with this?

What's new in the Annie's Barn world

--Our biggest announcement is that we have a new client in the Dallas Farmer's Market and they are definitely slinging some Annie's Barn snark down in Texas! After a great start to 2020, the owner of the store asked if I would make him custom coasters with some sayings... things I probably wouldn't put on a coaster (put your bottom on me being one, LOL) but this young guy is one of the most successful store owners in that state so... bottom it is!

I can't wait to get down to Texas to explore more. On Tuesday during the blizzard we were working in the garage on a couple hundred coasters -- 22 of them NEW designs mostly around the drinking concept and a lot with "bottom" jokes. 


During "show" season, my partner met Makayla the owner of Modestly M Candle company. A week later I would run into her at a Cerner event. I explored doing a signature scent Annie's Barn candle with two different makers Spring of last year, but nothing came of it. So when I took a closer look at Makayla's candles, and specifically fell in love with the "flannel" scent, I asked her if she'd be interested in working together on a candle for Annie's Barn.

We met for coffee to talk about show prep for bigger shows and the ups and downs of maker life and decided we would do something together when things slowed down after the first of the year. 

Then by happenstance I got the new gold mug in. It's a shimmering beautiful mug. I created a graphic I'd been thinking about, made the prototype, showed it to two people and we decided right there that it needed to be a candle too. I asked Makayla if she could pour some while Chiefs fever was still hot and she basically overnight made me the mug candles.

I love them so much. One, I can't handle a heavily scented candle. I have come to realize a lot of you feel the same way. It's a soy candle and it burns beautifully. A mug costs significantly more than a glass jar or small tin, so we priced them as close to "market" as we could... as it turns out, they are just $3 more than a similarly sized candle from Pickwick, one of the best brands in town. 

This is leading to MORE fun stuff coming from our new partnership and so stay tuned. I'm not saying there are butts involved but you know me and my holy shitballs.

3&Me Boutique KC

The Iron District is a small "shipping container" event space north of the river in KCMO. There you will find 3&Me Boutique along with some other KC makers who are creating a new space. I need to learn more about it but I believe there are food trucks, music and VIBE. I just LOVE it when a boutique owner "gets" it and 3&Me is your new place to pick up some of our snarkiest coasters. They are currently open limited hours but their big opening is March 14th so if you're looking for a place to explore I would check them out. You might even see me there.

A Makers Market

DeSoto Kansas has a new woman-owned shop and it's called A Maker's Market. We've already loaded them up twice with Annie's Barn snark and mugs in 2020! If you need a quick gift or our "date" Champs mug, stop by and tell them hello. She is making her shop into an interesting, interactive space. More coming on that.

Abitino Bianco

Susan and Anne run this boutique at the Lenexa Public Market. These two have an eye for the cutest clothing and accessories. They were just at market and are making room for new stuff. You may also see them at the upcoming Home Show out here at the Overland Park Sheraton in a week or two. I don't know what's happening at Lenexa, but they are selling a lot of snarky gifts at their boutique. Check their page for hours. I know they open Tuesday through Sunday around 1130. And if you go to the home show, you can look for them in the boutique area downstairs.

The Butt Coaster

At the Chief's parade, I got a lot of great pictures from friends. I often turn these into funny meme coasters and you may have seen the one I did with the guy who mooned the city.

Listen, we knew the Chiefs parade was going to be more brash than the Royals. Right? To each their own, I say. No judgement.

But I did think the meme coaster was funny with the Kelce quote about opening a can of "whoop ass". So I made a few. The guy's friends immediately came at me via social media. That's a thing these days. I think they thought I was making a mint and that K should get his share because he's famous.

Oh boy.

You know I don't do things I might lose sleep over. So I shelved those coasters for now. It was just one more way that butt's came into play already in 2020. I've done a more artistic version where you definitely cannot identify him in the coaster and that seems to be the way to go.

 As you can see from above, we've been running our butt's off. I do hope you'll take a minute and look up these stores on Instagram and give them a follow. Tell them Annie sent you. 

Anyway, I do encourage you to shop small and support our local maker ecosystem. Kansas City is rich with creative choices and I hope when you're looking for something to do the next month or so, you'll consider one of the places I've listed above to explore.

Speaking of exploring. . . The Chiefs win was good for everyone in the ecosystem I think. But it meant I had to delay my yearly "downtime" in tropical paradise... that's coming up soon.

It seems like February will never end. Butt it will.

(First show: Junkstock Spring, May 1-3, Omaha)

If you know of a boutique or store looking to carry Annie's Barn items, please have them contact me at

February 16, 2020 by Annie Stowe



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