I usually reject all custom requests this time of year because I just don't have the time.

Last week I got a message from a woman asking if I do custom coasters.

To discourage her I told her we only do them for amounts ten and up. Which is true. 

Ok, well I'm going to need ten of them she said.

I replied, what is it you want to say and what font do you like?

"don't fuck up the camper" she replies.

I spit out my coke all over the keyboard.

You see, just that day I had listened to a 30 minute story from my mom on how she had to clean out black mold from the camper because someone had fucked up the camper by not parking it right.

I'll see your coasters and raise you a case of mugs.

This last weekend we were in … yes, I know you can fill in the blank. Des Moines.

Des Moines must have a lot of campers.

Holy Shitballs.

We not only got the camper fuck up stories, we sold out of mugs and came home with only one coaster. 

OMG, the camper stories. I miss a good camper story. I used to own a boat. I do not miss a good boat story. (stranded on Clinton lake after dark on the fourth of july sober with kids)

Let me tell you what it was like to own a boat. Two good days. Two towed days. Almost losing my minivan in the lake trying to take it out and... a lot of "will it start" days in between.

I digress.

Want some tips?

One, I will have ten free tickets to the Holiday Boutique starting Nov. 15th. You will get them by playing the coaster game. Reply to my post with a coaster that is your current mood next Sunday. Join me for a fun day. Next Sunday. I'll post a Current Mood post and you'll reply with a coaster picture.

Two, I have the OFFICIAL Annie's Barn red and gold tee and I printed a few extras (around 25) for you. Anyone want to pimp your favorite influencer before influencers was a word with some gear in Chiefs colors? I'm going to have these available for $10 first come, first serve at Holiday Boutique on Thursday. 

Well, that should be enough protips for this blog but wait there's more.

I have a NEW item coming Wednesday. This means, I will be packing it up and bringing it into the show with me on Thursday.

Additionally I'll have the boxed pint glass sets as well as the snarky pint glasses, new mugs, new tees... why would you shop anyplace else but booth 510 right across from Van Liews in the red carpet main ballroom?

It's been #nodaysoff for three weeks now. No end in sight.

I heard to CERNER tomorrow for our lunch pop up. 

If you're not in the Christmas spirit yet, well you've got a week. I listened to piped in Christmas tunes all weekend and set up the first of I don't know how many trees with ornaments. We've got some naughty ones this year.

Holy Shitballs I can't wait to see you. Thursday through Sunday Nov 14-17. And, if you're just snarky enough, I'm bringing a couple new coasters the laughing ladies in Des Moines came up with.


November 06, 2019 by Annie Stowe


Councilwoman Mugsy

Councilwoman Mugsy said:

“Des Moines must have a lot of campers
Holy Shitballs.”
This is comedy gold!

Scottee Weber

Scottee Weber said:

I’d just like to tell you I saw you in OP last weekend and I was drunk on very expensive cheap wine from the lobby. Your booth was my favorite and I hope I was one of the people you love to see just laughing at all your stuff. ’Cause that shit is funny. I hugged you. Or maybe not you. But someone, or several people, in that booth.

I’m also from small town KS and I went to KSU, so now I feel like we’re related.


jkiqtcelwo said:

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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