For the first year in 25, I'm not hosting Thanksgiving. 

25 years ago I had a new house in Shawnee and neither my sister or I had kids. I can cook a mean turkey, so we hosted it and went Black Friday shopping at JC Penney outlet the next morning. The item we wanted was whatever gaming system was new that year. It was one of those deals where they had 20 and 261 ppl showed up. I think the first few years were a lot of fun -- the Chiefs must have been good because two dudes got into a match over a Chief's leather "letter" jacket. 

It became a tradition that lasted a long time -- both my sister and I have grown kids now and there's nothing really to dash out and get. We took our kids all these years … they grew up with it being the tradition. Turkey. Then games. Then waking up at the crack of dawn.

This year I just have too much going on to host. I've added so many shows this year and to be quite honest, no one should see my house right now. There are coasters everywhere. And not for use either!

What FUN it has been to be on the other side of Black Friday though. I mean, I'm no Best Buy BUT... our boozy trees are the hot item right now. (and yes I know you've requested other versions... more on that in my next blog. my elves don't work as fast as the north pole karen.)

Boozy trees actually originated before the advent of laser cutters but as soon as those came along it made it easier. Last summer I started to see them appear in some of the groups I am a part of but no one wanted to make them because they are hard to ship. When I was in Des Moines I noticed a local guy had made one so I bought one to test it out and offer it to my friends for feedback. Would they buy it. How much could they spend. What was their reaction to this proof of concept?

So, uh, the reaction has been good huh? LOL. Have you seen my living room?


I don't really want to do a Black Friday deal because as you know I hate shipping BUT... how about we offer 30 percent off the web site. This is our BEST deal of the year. You can shop from home. I won't be able to fill our black Friday orders right away but I can guarantee they will arrive by Dec. 20th. 

Use Code  SHEHATESSHIPPING for 30 percent off your order. Depending on the size of your box, you could get some free stuff... Just sayin. 

We have free shipping for orders over $100.


We will be at HISTORIC UNION STATION on Saturday and Sunday! I've been looking forward to this show since she announced it. This is one BEAUTIFUL show and lets be honest, I do all my shopping for my kids here. This show brings together some real artists you don't see at the bigger shows (and some you do) and I always run into the jewelry lady that my K loves. My kids get gear from our favorite Tee vendor. 

While they last, anyone spending $100 with us AT HOLIDAY SWING will receive a set of our snarky notecards. I don't have a ton left and we do not sell them anymore … 

Protips: one, come early for this show. No charge to get in unless you want the gift bag. the reason to come early is for parking. you get even just 30 minutes of less crowded shopping. From 11-4 it's very, very busy. I think she has a deal for pre shopping this year for an extra fee. 

Cyber Monday -- More like recovery Monday. We always kill it at Holiday Swing. It's truly THE PLACE TO BE. I'm sorry but I don't have any deal for this day. I'll be at home unloading and preparing to go to Dallas.

We are doing a really cool show in Frisco Texas on Dec. 7th. Flea at the Star. Did you know I used to be the editor of the Frisco Enterprise newspaper? I like this job a lot better. 

On the way to Frisco, I'm actually stopping at K Lane's Boutique for a meet the maker on Thursday, Dec. 5th. My K is able to go on this adventure with me and I'm really excited about it.

I don't know how Texas is going to react to Annie's Barn snark but...I love a road trip.

Quick shout out to my daughter, Sara. One, Sara has been killing it with me at shows this fall all the while FINISHING HER BUSINESS DEGREE at K-State. You cannot imagine how hard it is to work a 10 or more hour day on your feet at these shows. It's so fun but you're feet are pleading for mercy. 

My Sara graduates on Dec. 14th … and we are so happy for her. She's getting done a semester early and her plan is to work in digital content creation and marketing. She wants to get back to LA but will be here at home for at least a few months to travel with me and work on a couple projects.

It's time for some gratitude too. I want to thank my team of friends that help out: Tracy Lozaw on coasters, Lisa Harrison on mugs, Vivian Nazarro on everything else. My Karen for running all my accounting and tax info, which is 5 hours a week at least.

Also, want to thank YOU for being awesome. I remember how thrilled I was at auctions when we would sell $300 worth of stuff. At this most recent Holiday Boutique, we beat our previous:

One day sales record


Total sales record

It was mind blowing how much snarky we sold proving, I think, that people NEED a laugh. I really do believe people want to have a "fun" holiday... whether that's with family or for the gift exchange. 

And we want you to be the hero of the gift exchange.

Ps: I think I have enough booze trees to last for a week but after that, supply to get one before Christmas might be harder. I'm just not sure. So shit or get off the pot. 

PSS: We are posting some fun stuff over on Instagram. We are anniesbarnkc.

November 24, 2019 by Annie Stowe


Bonnie Gibson

Bonnie Gibson said:

What a year! You guys ROCK!

Angie Read Doyal

Angie Read Doyal said:

So happy for your success! I’ll definitely be shopping the Black Friday deal and plan to hit the Union Station show next weekend! Thanks for the heads up!!

Sandi Ludwig

Sandi Ludwig said:

Annie I’ve loved you a long time, I found you and your signs several years ago and have followed and purchased from you since. Stay sassy, classy and a bit smart assy!!😊


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