Santa Claws Boozy Drink Holder

$38.00 $28.00

Other people have Advent trees. You have Santa Claws.

We built this wood Santa booze holder for the seltzer drinkers among us. Santa sees you when you're drinking, he knows when you are woke.

Made in the USA, this boozy holder was the brainchild of our founder, Annie, who noticed people like the Advent Booze Trees but needed something for their Seltzer. Also fits the mini champagne bottles. And other "slim" drinks -- cans and bottles.

Santa is about 16.25 tall. About. Santa is about 11.25 inches wide (because Keto). Once you receive your Santa in the mail, you can assemble (pop in like Lincoln Logs) the four connector pieces and you are good to go. I add a single drop of glue at each of the joints because I have an asshole cat who wants to rub on Santa (no comments from the peanut gallery) and I recommend it. 

Fits: Most of the slim tall drink cans and bottles but especially made for seltzers

Pop 7 drinks in Santa's beard and an 8th in his cap and you are good to go. Who wants this under their Christmas tree?


White Claw is a TM and NOT affiliated with our boozy Santa holder. Picture just for illustration and not meant to suggest we are affiliated with the claws because, um, laws.

Note:  We left a small area for personalization on the right side if you'd like to add a name, business, or saying on your own. 


 Price includes a $5 shipping upcharge over our $10 flat rate shipping.