5 Things Every Husband/Wife Needs to Hear: KC Football Coffee Mug Set


When I saw this meme and it was touting a certain other quarterback with the initials TB, I had to change it to reflect the truth. And then we made a set for couples. 

We love PM here in Kansas City. And we believe these 5 things to be true.

- holds 15oz of your favorite beverage 

- sturdy, high quality mug

- perfect grip handle

- dishwasher safe 

- ships from U.S.

These mugs ship in a USPS (SAFE) box. Each box is $1.80 and shipping is $7.32 to states in the Midwest. More on the edges. That's why shipping is $10.

If you order two mugs shipped to same location, price is still $10 to ship. I can ship up to four mugs for our flat-rate price. So order as you must. For you will not regret this when PM leads us to the championship!

Write in the notes when you order if you’d like two wife or two husband mugs!