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Who We Are:

Made in Kansas City, Annie's Barn was founded in July 2012 by Annie. Annie was a stay at home mom, baseball and softball coach, field day mom, and all around mom overachiever. But that ended when her son slid into third and had an injury requiring surgery. Thinking to herself "WTF, I need a job when my kids are no longer in kidPRO sports!", she opened her laptop and started as an online auction site on Facebook featuring vintage wares and "fantastic finds."
She started each week's auction with "grab your boots or your bunny slippers" and the number of "virtual" attendees grew and grew and then....The site exploded when Annie began adding handmade signs to the auctions. Her customers, calling themselves Barnstormers, quickly wrote SOLD to snap them all up. At first the signs were nothing more than a canvas and stick on letters painted over with acrylic paint from the craft store. But those soon evolved into heirloom quality family name wood signs and snarky signs.
Shortly after Annie started making wood signs, a friend called her up and said "are you making signs in your basement and selling them on Facebook." After Annie answered "yes" the friend, Jen, said "I'd like to do a story about you." And so a story about Annie making wood signs went out and was carried in newspapers nationwide. Orders came in steady on Etsy and friends came over and helped Annie make signs. That led to Annie teaching others how to make signs at in home sign parties.
Five years of sign making. Then, Annie had an idea. Wood coasters.

What We Do:

We make snarky shit. And by that, we mean we make the coolest wood coasters with sayings on them. Known as the "Holy Shitballs You're Awesome" maker in KC, Annie isn't afraid to put her current mood on coasters. But then we expanded into mugs. And then phone grips. And yeah, we just put our snarky on a lot of things.
You buy snarky shit.
You give snarky shit.
We make more snarky shit. 
Holy Shitballs You're Awesome. And so are we.