Our Promise

Business is growing fast so please know that we have always been number one in customer service but, we are experiencing growing pains. Our promise to you is that you're going to get a high quality product. If you don't feel we've met your expectations, let us know. Customer service is our number one.
Two. If you are ordering our wood coasters, you are getting a product made in the USA. Most likely by me or my friends sitting around a kitchen table talking about our kids or mom life. We do not have a super fancy manufacturing facility. I am a mom. I hire moms. Moms get shit done.
Three. Sorry, two promises is all I've got today.
Returns:  We are unable to process mug, glass or water bottle returns due to the incredible cost of shipping materials and return shipping. After Oct. 15, 2022 we will not accept returns of any nature unless there is damage that is coverable under USPS insurance claims. Be sure you know that a claim takes me about 30 minutes to process just on the usps side and requires two pictures from you. Before you email me, which I do process returns of damaged goods of course, please include two pictures. The item in the damaged box. The address label on the box. USPS requires these. I believe you. I have seen the holiday shipping. 
Know that I buy the highest quality boxes to ship your items in to try to cut down on breakage but it does happen. Especially in New York. Stop throwing mug packages New York!
A note about returns: once I process a return label for you, 100 percent of the time it goes to your spam folder. I don't know why this is. I don't know why your email hates me. But most of the time I have to send it to you two or three times before it actually gets to you. 
We are no longer doing porch pickup. It's a funny story. We had a t-shirt that was so popular we had 164 porch pickups in one day. OMG. My HOA would have a cow if they knew. So we don't do porch pickups anymore. Sorry.