5 Things Every Child Needs to Hear: KC Football Coffee Mug Set

$36.00 $28.00

PLAYOFFS DEAL! 2 Mugs for $28

When I saw this meme and it was touting a certain other quarterback with the initials TB, I had to change it to reflect the truth.

We love PM here in Kansas City. And we believe these 5 things to be true.

- holds 15oz of your favorite beverage 

- sturdy, high quality mug

- perfect grip handle

- dishwasher safe 

- ships from U.S.

These mugs ship in a USPS (SAFE) box. Each box is $1.80 and shipping is $7.32 to states in the Midwest. More on the edges. That's why shipping is $10.

If you order two mugs shipped to same location, price is still $10 to ship. I can ship up to four mugs for our flat-rate price. So order as you must. For you will not regret this when PM leads us to the championship!