Custom Photo Coasters for graduation, mother's day, or special events


It's a rough time out there right now but our photo coasters are one of our top sellers.

-- Buy a few and trade them with friends for graduation. Put some of your favorite memories on these lasting wood gifts. Hand them out at your car parade. 

-- Teams use them as a parent gift.

-- Mom - Maybe you can't get in to see grandma right now or a visit to mom is out of the question. These photo coasters remind her of fun or serious memories. It doesn't have to be difficult. Just snap some cute iPhone pics and send them in. We'll take care of the rest.

-- Dad - Talk about hard to buy for... Dads. Take pictures of his favorite car, his house, his dogs... The kids. A favorite place you've been. Dads love these.


How it works:

Once you buy the photo coaster package, you'll need to include your email on the order form or in notes so we can communicate with you. 

You're going to get your 6 pictures together. The best thing to do is to email me original iPhone or phone pictures without a lot of filters. If they have filters, that's fine but don't go too crazy with those. 

It works if you send your pictures to me 1-2 photos max per message. Include YOUR NAME in the subject line with a number 1,2,3 etc.

We will edit your pictures to fit our 3.5x3.5 square coasters. Great photos turn out great. Fuzzy photos turn out fuzzy. 

We normally charge $10 each for photo coasters so this is really a great deal. Hurry though because this won't last. 

This coaster photo shows the natural maple marbling in all the coasters. Made in the USA. 

- 3.5 x 3.5 Maple Wood Coaster
- Image is permanent, not vinyl
- Footed with high end, no slip bumpers
- Individually made and laser cut
- Made in USA