Custom Wedding Coasters


Custom Wedding Coaster Set

For your coaster set please upload the photo(s) you would like to use then at check please let us know which coasters you want in your sets. Options are:

  • Mr.
  • Mrs.
  • I love us
  • Husband & Wife

For the best possible coaster sets:

  • Please upload square photos. 
  • Leave at least 1 cm border around photo, or your picture may be cut off. 
  • Medium/High resolution photos work best.

There are no returns for custom coasters, if there is an issue or a question about the product please email us at Custom coasters will ship about two weeks after the order date. 


- 3.5 x 3.5 Maple Wood Coaster
- Image is permanent, not vinyl
- Footed with high end, no slip bumpers
- Individually made and cut
- Made in USA