Do I look like I give a rat's ass? wood coaster


This coaster was made in honor of my friend Marie B who would always leave those long work meetings and say to me in a hushed voice "do I really look like I give a rat's ass?"

I don't know if you feel that way at work too?

This coaster is shown with a navy print but we are phasing that out. It will most likely be black on maple when you get it. If you only want navy, let us know and we'll fish around in the back of the box and see if we can find you one. Cause that's how we are. We give a Rat's Ass about our coasters.

- 3.5 x 3.5 Maple Wood Coaster
- Image is permanent, not vinyl
- Footed with high end, no slip bumpers
- Individually made and cut
- Made in USA
*candle and plant not included*