I, for one, welcome our new pink-haired lesbian overlord t-shirt celebrating Megan Rapinoe


Ode to Megan Rapinoe. Worn by Abby Wambach. Get this tee for the soccer loving fan in your life. Or yourself. You overlord you.




Made by a lesbian owned business in Kansas City and gifted to Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle when they visited KC. 

Four stars. Pink Hair.  

Nothing made us more proud than when the U.S. Women's Soccer team brought home a fourth win. Then Megan got up and gave a great speech about coming together to make the world a better place. Very overlord like. 

TBH, she sounded like a leader. Hence, this tee. And Sports Illustrated agrees because they just made her sportsperson of the year.

It's that supersoft vintage feel black crew neck heather tee in the Next Level brand. It fits true to size.


note: to say I've been overwhelmed with this response would be an understatement. I designed and purchased this tee for myself. The min order size to have it screen printed is 25 so I have had 22 hanging out at the house. When Abby and Glennon came to Kansas City they got two. Then last Saturday Abby wore it and Glennon snapped a pic for instagram.

I was at a show in Frisco Texas (near where Abby is in the soccer hall of fame) and my phone started blowing up. It was a crazy day for me because we had customers all day and superstars in my world (like abby, glennon, elizabeth gilbert, piper from OITNB, and many other strong women were loving the caption and the shirt. 

So as you can imagine, I sold out of those 20 shirts I had pretty quickly.

I've ordered more rush and they are on the way. I thank you for your patience and your support of my Lesbian owned business. My wife and I live here in KC where we have been together some number like 36 years, raised two kids who are now in college, and I started this hustle gig making funny coasters in 2012. 

Nothing big like this has ever happened to me. Once someone ordered a baby sign for Fergie and Josh when their son was born. Other than that... just me at the Barnstormers out here in KC. They are wildly enthusiastic about my snarky merch. I hope you are too.