Kansas City 15 and 87 Gold Mug Candle Set


In celebration of everything that burns bright in Kansas City right now, we've just collaborated with a local candle maker to launch our first candle!

Hand-poured, soy and locally made.

We've chosen "flannel" for the fragrance.

Flannel evokes everything we love about Kansas City. It's neither he or she. It's not flowery and it's not overly masculine. Somewhere in the middle … much like the owner of Annie's Barn. 

We've taken our popular 11 oz. mug and filled it to make a fantastic addition to your shrine. 

Once your candle burns out you can simply warm the cup, scrape clean out remaining wax and pour yourself a cup of tea. There is NOTHING to throw away about our candle container and... get this... it's dishwasher safe as a mug!

Dishwasher safe. Landfill safe. And it smells great. More than I can say about most of my friends.

All orders received by Monday at 5 p.m. will ship Tuesday.

These candles will ship in the white box shown. 

Local pickup is an option. Simply write LOCAL PICKUP in the notes section of your order (lower left box) and we will refund shipping and send address for pickup with your shipping confirmation. YOUR CONFIRMATION WILL SAY SHIPPED. also, you won't get a confirmation if you don't give us your email cause that's how the system works.